The Vision of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative

Have the Mayors whose population and towns (and economy) that rely on the Great Lakes water to form a bi-national coalition and will actively work with federal, state and provincial governments to advance the protection and restoration of the Great Lakes ecosystem through development and implementation of a comprehensive Great Lakes Protection and Restoration Plan. Mayors will become active participants in Great Lakes issues relating to governance, economics and science.


To achieve this Vision, the Mayors with interest in the Great Lakes, have agreed to:

  1. Establish a Great Lakes Cities Initiative, under which Mayors will work jointly to advance the restoration and protection of the Great Lakes ecosystem;
  2.  Seek partnerships and collaborate with other levels of government, various commissions and panels, and other organizations involved in Great Lakes issues;
  3. Implement and advance existing mayoral initiatives concerning the Great Lakes;
  4. Call upon the U.S. Congress and Canadian Parliament to appropriate funds for the development, by an independent panel of science and policy experts. which include the member Mayors and deliver a detailed plan for the protection and restoration of the Great Lakes. This Plan will be updated as various issues arise and will serve as a blueprint to guide agreed-upon future legislative and appropriations activities that restore and protect the Great Lakes ecosystem;
  5. Identify, evaluate. highlight and share information with each other about successful local initiatives that protect and restore the Great Lakes ecosystem while encouraging the vitality of Great Lakes communities;
  6. Continue to meet, communicate and share ideas about the various issues the member cities are experiencing in order to advance the much needed knowledge, understanding and solutions of said issues, with the goal of creating as expeditiously as possible, comprehensive solutions.