Anniversary of the Toledo Water Crisis: Action on Nutrients still needed

One year after the Toledo Water Crisis, Cities Initiative Executive Director David Ullrich stated, “We still have algal blooms in Lake Erie.  It’s time to move ahead together as cities, industries, and farms to reduce nutrient loadings aggressively to meet the Governors’ and Premier’s 40% reduction goal by 2025.”

In June 2015, the Cities Initiative membership passed the “Action on Nutrient Pollution in the Great Lakes” resolution, which acknowledges the commitment made by the Governors of Michigan and Ohio and the Premier of Ontario to reduce phosphorus loadings by 40% by 2025. The Resolution calls on US EPA and Health Canada to publish microcystin health guidelines, and it encourages collaborative action among municipalities, agriculture, and industries to identify and implement nutrient reduction strategies. In addition, the resolution calls on the US and Canadian Federal Governments to implement awareness-raising campaigns about the issue of nutrient pollution, and to implement short-term actions before the 2018 Water Quality Agreement commitment

The Cities Initiative will continue its work on nutrient action throughout the coming year, particularly in collaboration with cities, farmers, and industries. Read the full resolution here.

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