Cities Initiative Represented at Northland College Water Summit

The Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation convened a Water Summit on Oct. 1, 2016 dedicated to “The Future of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.” Experts, including Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative Director, Dave Ullrich, gathered on Madeline Island in Lake Superior to examine past successes and challenges of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) and to discuss the program’s future.

The video below, featuring Ullrich, as well as U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Senior Advisor to the Administrator, Cameron Davis, and Council of Great Lakes Industries President, Kathryn Buckner, provides an overview of the Water Summit and commentary on the success and future of GLRI

“The people in the room, first of all, represented a tremendous amount of perspective and experience and good ideas on how we can make GLRI even better in the future,” said Ullrich. “It's much more than just taking on and completing specific projects and making the Great Lakes better. It is strengthen the Great Lakes community and I think can do even more in the future. It's a huge success.”

For more information on Northland College's Water Summit, click here.