City Stimulus Projects

The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative has undertaken a vast advocacy campaign to press upon the U.S. and Canadian governments that sustainable dedicated funding is required to ensure the protection of this reserve of freshwater.

As you will see below, our region needs funding for water infrastructure and erosion mitigation. These funds are needed urgently. To identify the projects that are needed by a particular city simply click on the city name or you can filter by state/province.

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Ajax, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Waterfront Environmental Assessment$354,000.00
Rotary Park Boardwalk Construction$1,500,000.00
Pedestrian Bridge Repair$750,000.00

Alpena, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Shoreline repairs$12,000.00

Berrien County, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Silver Beach County Park$150,000.00

Blue Mountains, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Thornbury WWTP Headsworks Rebuild$3,000,000.00
Thornbury WWTP Tertiary Treatment Project$500,000.00
Sanitary I&I Study$300,000.00
Thornbury Harbour Pier Resurfacing$500,000.00
Beach and waterfront Erosion Repairs and mitigation$200,000.00
Town of the Blue Mountain's Water Treatment Plan Shoreline Protection Project$200,000.00

Chatham-Kent, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Dike restoration$41,000,000.00
Region 1$115,000,000.00
Region 2 - Erie Shore Drive$80,000,000.00
Region 3 - Villages of Erieau and Rondeau$7,000,000.00
Region 4 - Navigation Channel and Barrier Beach$15,000,000.00

Chicago, IL

Water InfrastructureErosion
2021 Sewer Main replacement$60,000,000.00
2021 Water Main replacement$125,000,000.00
2021 Sewer Lining Projects$60,000,000.00
Coastal Erosion$500,000,000.00
Erosion at Water Purification Plant facilities along the Lakeshore$1,040,000.00

Collingwood, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Water Treatment Plant Expansion$65,000,000.00
Minnesota Street Storm Sewer replacement$6,000,000.00
WWTP Inflow equalization$600,000.00
Peel Street Sanitary Sewer replacement$2,500,000.00
Sunset Point Erosion Control$400,000.00

Cornwall, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Biosolids to fertilizer$4,000,000.00
Secondary Raw Water Intake$25,000,000.00
District Heating$2,000,000.00
Constructed Wetland$1,000,000.00
Renewable Natural Gas$2,000,000.00

Douglas, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Erosion at beach access stairs, inspect boat launches and bike trail infrastructure;restore and protect the water's edge in several parks, etc.$350,000.00

Duluth, MN

Water InfrastructureErosion
Middle System Booster Station$2,600,000.00
Hidden Valley Water Main Replacement$1,500,000.00
Western Waterfront Trail Repair and Restoration$300,000.00

Easton Rapids, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Damage to park, construction of seawalls$1,310,000.00

Elk Rapids, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Double-seal harbor's elecgtrical pediestals, and order rip rap for waterfront corner$20,000.00

Escanaba, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
High water level risks at city marina docks and underground fuel tank. replace current fuel tank with above ground fuel tank$100,000.00

Evanston, IL

Water InfrastructureErosion
30" Downtown Feeder Main Rehab$4,200,000.00
Annual Water Main Replacement Project$3,700,000.00
Lining of Large Diameter Water Mains$1,700,000.00
Sewer Main Rehabilitation Project$3,200,000.00
Intake Heater Cable Replacement$1,000,000.00

Frankfort, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Damages to Mineral Springs playground and parking lot. Replacement of parking area, concrete sidewalk. Construction of dock extensions, electrical upgrade and site lighting for Frankfort Marina Project and 200 ft of armoured stone rip-rap $10,098,000.00

Gary, IN

Water InfrastructureErosion
East 15th Avenue Stormwater Drainage$2,730,000
Black Oak Stormwater Infrastructure Project$2,100,000
Wastewater Treatment Plants - Digesters Improvement Project$3,250,000
Shoreline Erosion Restoration and Protection$2,600,000

Grand Haven, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Overflow of stormwater causing city street flooding$3,580,000.00

Grey County, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Nelson Street Booster Pumping Station Construction$2,530,000.00
Nelson Street Watermain Replacement$337,850.00
Sykes Street Infrastructure Replacement - Water and Wastewater & Stormwater (10%) Component$1,114,200.00
Meaford Wastewater Treatment Plant Lifecycle Upgrades$397,250.00
Shoreline Erosion Restoration and Protection$1,410,288.00

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Damage to Marina Pier platforms$40,000.00

Grosse Pointe Park, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Eroded stormwater outlet at St. Clair and marina pier platform replacement$130,000.00

Grosse Pointe Shores, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Sinkhole on Lakeshore Drive, damage to sanitary pipe, etc.$85,000.00

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Damage to Marina Pier platforms, etc.$66,000.00

Grosse Pointe, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Damage to marinas$167,000.00

Holland, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Damage to lift station, boardwalks, seawalls, boat launches, flooding$976,000.00

Huron-Kinloss, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Lucknow water standpipe$3,600,000.00
Bruce Beach municipal drain project$1,600,000.00
Point Clark harbour restoration project$500,000.00

Kenosha, WI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Reventment Walls$10,000,000.00
Harbor Project$20,000,000.00

Lexington, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Stabalize land to keep water intake structure from falling into lake$45,000.00

Lincoln, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Jordan Village Stormwater Management$1,900,000.00
Victoria Ave Watermain Crossing$2,400,000.00
Prudhomme’s Watermain Upgrades$5,500,000.00
Queen Street Sewer Upsizing$950,000.00
Lakeshore Roads Shorline Protection$52,500,000.00

Ludington, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Flooding, repair to boat launch$3,653,000.00

Manistee, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
River walk, breakwall damage$3,540,000.00

Menominee, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Damages to Memorial Veteran's Park, Beach, City Marina, Harbor Drive and River Park Campground (erosion repair, bank stabilization, rebuilding of docks, repairs roadways and sinkholes$4,520,000.00

Milwaukee, WI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Water Main Replacement (2021)$32,500,000
Waukesha Supply Pipeline$5,500,000
Lead Service Line Replacement$5,300,000.00
Linnwood Ozone Roof Replacement$1,000,000.00
Oklahoma/Waukesha Booster Pump Station$10,000,000.00
Linnwood Revetment Wall Repairs and Shoreline Improvements $1,500,000.00

Mississauga, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Cooksville Creek Flood Storage Facility$9,000,000.00
Ben Machree Park East Shoreline Protection$1,520,000.00

Muskegon, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Damage to Lakeshore Trail and Beach Street$10,760,000.00

Niagara Falls, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
New South Niagara Hospital Servicing$3,000,000.00
Beaver Valley Stormwater Management Facility Expansion$1,700,000.00
Bukator Drive and Rapidsview Road Sewer Separation$3,000,000.00
Banting and Roosevelt Street Sewer and Watermain Replacement$3,088,000.00
Sewer System Trenchless Rehabilitation$2,000,000.00
Fern and Marieclaude Avenue Watermain Replacement$1,000,000.00
South Niagara Falls Inflow and Infiltration Reduction program$300,000.00
Valleyway Inflow and Infiltration Reduction Study and Strategy$100,000.00

Nipigon, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Rehabilitation of Bell Street$2,975,000.00

North Muskegon, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Parking lot and sidewalk removal and replacement, boardwalk redeck, turf restoration, irrigation, etc. $259,000.00
TOTAL $259,900.00

Norton Shores, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Replacement of 35 ft Mona Lake steel sheeting, walkway replacement sinkhole repairs, etc. $272,000.00

Oak Creek, WI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Oak Creek Water Utility Low Lift Station Protection$5,000,000.00
Lake Vista North Bluff Stabilization and Resilience$9,000,000.00

Ontonagon, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Rebuild East Pier path, repairs to adjacent property, erosion at Marina Park, boardwalks, foundations, sanitary sewers, etc. $1,185,000.00

Peel Region, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Infrastructure rehabilitation/climate change protection$20,000,000.00

Pentwater, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Washed out bridge, closed and sunken sidewalks, two storm drains collapsed, damage to municipal docs and Yatch Club$660,000.00

Petoskey, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Engineering study for restoration of Arrowhead shores, sewer main relocation at Bayfront Park, repairs and installment of floating doc system.$4,535,000.00

Port Huron, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Damages to Port Huron$150,000.00

Rochester, NY

Water InfrastructureErosion
Water Main Renewal$2,000,000.00
Cleaning and Lining of Water Main$2,000,000.00
Lead Service Line Replacement$2,000,000.00
Large Valve and Vault Replacement$750,000.00
Conduit Thruway Crossing Rehabilitation$3,000,000.00
Holly Pump Station Fuel Tank Replacement$200,000.00
Eastside/Westside Genesee River Shoreline Stabilization$3,289,000.00

Sainte-Catherine, QC

Water InfrastructureErosion
Protection against erosion of the banks of the Saint-Regis river$83,000,000.00

Sandusky, OH

Water InfrastructureErosion
Shoreline Park Erosion Control Project$95,000.00
Pipe Creek Dock$4,500.00
Pipe Creek Erosion$2,000.00
Lion's Park (Shoreline?)$2,000.00
Jackson Street Pier$600,000.00
Shoreline Park West Finger$95,000.00
First St. (W. of CP Drive)$175,000.00
Curran St.$50,000.00
Farwell St. - w/curb$100,000.00
First St. (E. of CP Drive) - no curb$80,000.00
River Ave. - no curb$55,000.00
WTP Driveway$20,000.00
Kiwanis Park Parking lot$20,000.00
E St. - no curb$45,000.00
F St. - no curb$120,000.00
Wildman St. - w/curb$100,000.00
City Marina (W. Side) Erosion$15,000.00

Sarnia, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Combined Sewer Separation Project$40,000,000.00
Shoreline Erosion Protection$25,000,000.00

Saugeen Shores, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Gobbles Grove Sanitary Pumping Station and Distribution$2,500,000.00
George Street Outfall and Baker Subdivision Storm Sewer$1,500,000.00
Beach Erosion Coastal Study$3,000,000.00

Sault St. Marie, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Repairs to electric utilities and fuel lines, installment of modified shoreline protections and boardwalk.$727,707.00

Saulte Ste. Marie, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Waterfront Boardwalk - erosion mediation$2,500,000.00

Sheboygan, WI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Lakeshore Sewer Interceptor Relining$13,000,000.00
Raw Water Intake Replacement$40,000,000.00

Sodus Point, NY

Water InfrastructureErosion
Lake Ontario Shoreline Protection$4,450,000.00
Great Sodus Bay Shoreline Revetment$16,000,000.00
Erosion Protection Plan$10,000.00

South Haven, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Damage to coastal and riverbank, harbor wave proagations, beach erosion, marinas, stormwater, utility infrastructure. Flooding and contamination to water filtration plant$16,000,000.00

Spring Lake Township, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Culvert failure on Yonker drain, hardening of sanitary sewer structures$270,000.00

Spring Lake, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Mill Point parking lot improvements; Jackson St. dock repairs, Grand River Greenway repairs, Aiden St. repairs$432,000.00

St. Catharines, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Westgate Park (8-14 Shore Blvd) Shoreline Protection$1,310,000.00

St. Clair Shores, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Plugs, pumps, equipment, sandbagging, erosion, repairs to storm system$230,000.00

St. Joseph, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Shore protection, rock revetment$1,060,000.00

Superior, WI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Hammond Avenue Reconstruction$1,300,000.00
K Street Storm Sewer Fortificaton Phase II Project$750,000.00
Hill Avenue Interceptor Rehabilitation Project$2,000,000.00
Northeast Billings Park Storm Sewer Separation Project$1,400,000.00

Tawas City, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Damage to Tawas Point State Park in East Tawas, damage to waterfront parks and coastal flooding or residential properties along Lake Huron$3,540,000.00

Tay, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Flooding Mitigation Project$1,000,000.00

Thunder Bay, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Leland Avenue Green Infrastructure$500,000.00
McBean Street Area Storm Trunk Drainage Improvements$750,000.00
Victor Street Erosion Stabilization$3,000,000.00

Tiny, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Inspection of underground storm water$100,000.00
Breakwall Improvements$150,000.00
Various Municipal Concession Road Waterfront Resilience$120,000.00
Elevation increase of 2 Public Beach Parking Areas$200,000.00
Board walk restoration$50,000.00

Toledo, OH

Water InfrastructureErosion
Private Lead Service Line Removal$10,000,000.00

Toronto, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Don River and Central Waterfront Project (DRCW)$2,500,000,000.00

Traverse City, MI

Water InfrastructureErosion
Front St. Sewage Pump Station Upgrade$200,000.00
West Side Sewer Interceptor Improvements$1,000,000.00
Annual Storm Water Improvements$50,000.00
City Wide Erosion Protection / Repairs $960,000.00

Wasaga Beach, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Town-wide Stormwater/Drainage Master Plan$450,000.00
Constance / Thomas Overland Flow Route & Drianage Outlet Improvements$650,000.00
West End Drainage Outlet$650,000.00
Storm Outlet and Retaining Wall Improvements$150,000.00
Beach Drive Reconstruction and Shoreline Protection$1,000,000.00

Waukegan, IL

Water InfrastructureErosion
Waukegan Port automatic in-water boat wash$500,000.00
Waukegan Port fuel tank replacement$900,000.00
Waukegan Port Public Launch Ramp Relocation$8,000,000.00
Sea Horse Drive Reconstruction$5,500,000.00
Waukegan Port Water Access Staging Dock$450,000.00
Waukegan Port sheetwall replacement$10,000,000.00
Waukegan Port breakwall repairs$1,900,000.00

Windsor, ON

Water InfrastructureErosion
Lebo Creek Master Drainage Study (Leamington)$350,000.00
Flood/Erosion Hazard Identification and Priority Setting$50,000.00
Update Flood/Erosion Hazard Mapping$18,000,000.00
Grand Marais Drain Flood Control Channel Improvements$1,200,000.00
John R. Park Homestead Conservation Area Breakwall Repairs$350,000.00
Little River Floodplain Mapping (South Sandwich Master Servicing Study)$580,000.00
Emergency Municipal Infrastructure Fund$1,000,000.00

Winnetka, IL

Water InfrastructureErosion
Tower Road Park - 899 Sheridan Road$2,000,000
Lloyd Park - 799 Sheridan Road $2,750,000
Lloyd Beach Steel Revetment$2,250,000
Lloyd Beach Sand Nourishment$250,000
Lloyd South Beach Erosion Repairs$600,000
Maple Street Park/Beach - 725 Sheridan Rd$700,000
Elder Lane Park Beach 299 Sheridan Rd$3,800,000
Elder Lane Park Beach 299 Sheridan Rd$850,000
Centennial Park Beach 225 Sheridan Rd$3,500,000
Erosion control at Willow Road Street End$450,000
Stairway Replacement Spruce Street$50,000
Stairwav Replacement Cherrv Street$50,000
Repair/Relocation of Elder Lane Stormwater Outlet $1,200,000
2020 Replacement of 450 ft. of 4" water main on Mt Pleasant Road$115,000
2020 Replacement 1500 ft. of 6" water main on Westmoor Road $400,000
2021-2031 Replacement of 1,642 lead water services (estimate)$27,093,000
2021 Replacement of 1,400 ft. of 10" water main on Westmoor Road$500,000
2021 Erosion control at Willow Road Street End $450,000
2021 Stairway Replacement Spruce Street$50,000
2021 Stairway Replacement Cherry Street$50,000
Repair/Relocation of Elder Lane Stormwater Outlet (Year TBD Estimate)$1,200,000
2021 Replacement 450 ft. of 6" water main on Merril Street $155,250
2021 Replacement 700 ft. of 4" water main on Mt Pleasant Road $241,500
2021 Replacement 800 ft. of 6" water main on Gage Street$276,000
2021 Replacement 1270 ft. of 4" water main on Elm Street $438,150
2021 Replacement 1800 ft. of 4" water main on Warwick Ave $621,000
2021 Replacement 2500 ft. of 4" water main on Cherry Street $862,500
2022 Replacement 1000 ft. of 4" water main on Spruce Street $345,000
2022 Replacement 2000 ft. of 4" water main on Spruce Street $690,000
2022 Replacement 2560 ft. of 4" water main on Foxdale Ave $883,200
2022 Replacement 2635 ft. of 4" water main on Ash Street$909,075
2023 Replacement 570 ft. of 4" water main on Elm Street$196,650
2023 Replacement 775 ft. of 6" water main on Elm Street $267,375
2023 Replacement 2025 ft. of 4" water main on Cherry Street$698,625
2023 Replacement 2500 ft. of 6" water main on Elder Lane $862,500
2023 Replacement 2560 ft. of 4" water main on Foxdale Ave$883,200
2024 Replacement 950 ft. of 4" water main on Linden Street$327,750
2024 Replacement 1400 ft. of 6" water main on Winnetka Road $483,000
2024 Replacement 1679 ft. of 4" water main on Ash Street$579,255
2024 Replacement 2200 ft. of 6" water main on Edgewood Lane $759,000
2024 Replacement 2800 ft. of 6" water main on Pine Street $966,000
2025 Replacement 1397 ft. of 6" water main on Hackberry Lane $481,965
2025 Replacement 1542 ft. of 6" water main on Cherry Street$531,990
2025 Replacement 2025 ft. of 6" water main on Forest Street $698,625
2025 Replacement 2025 ft. of 6" water main on Forest Street $698,625
2025 Replacement 2764 ft. of 4" water main on Ash Street $953,580
2026 Replacement 1100 ft. of 6" water main on Sunview Lane$379,500
2026 Replacement 1700 ft. of 4" water main on Oak Street$586,500
2026 Replacement 1100 ft. of 8" water main on Green Bay Road $586,500
2026 Replacement 2200 ft. of 6" water main on Sunset Road$759,000
2026 Replacement 2900 ft. of 4" water main on Woodley $1,000,500
2027 Replacement 1100 ft. of 8" water main on Green Bay Road $379,500
2027 Replacement 1600 ft. of 6" water main on Elm Street $552,000
2027 Replacement 1600 ft. of 4" water main on Orchard Lane $552,000
2027 Replacement 1600 ft. of 6" water main on Hoyt Lane & Sheridan Rd (Loop)$552,000
2027 Replacement 1800 ft. of 6" water main on Chatfield Road $621,000
2027 Replacement 2000 ft. of 4" water main on Ridge Ave $690,000
2028 Replacement 200 ft. of 4" water main on Sheridan Road $474,375
2028 Replacement 633 ft. of 4" water main on Scott Ave $977,385
2028 Replacement 1474 ft. of 6" water main on Oak Street $327,750
2028 Replacement 950 ft. of 6" water main on Sheridan Road$1,543,875
2029 Replacement 225 ft. of 6" water main on Sheridan Road $1,104,000
2029 Replacement 1900 ft. of 4" water main on Bryant Ave$655,500
2029 Replacement 2400 ft. of 8" water main on Sheridan Road $828,000
2029 Replacement 2175 ft. of 10" water main on Sheridan Road $1,000,500
2030 Replacement 750 ft. of 6" water main on Westview Road $258,750
2030 Replacement 775 ft. of 4" water main on Sheridan Road Loop $267,375
2030 Replacement 650 ft. of 10" water main on Abbotsford Ave $299,000
2030 Replacement 1200 ft. of 6" water main on Sheridan Road$414,000
2030 Replacement 2025 ft. of 12" water main on Sheridan Road$931,500
2030 Replacement 3500 ft. of 6" water main on Willow Road $1,207,500
2031 Replacement 1775 ft. of 6" water main on Whitebridge Hill Road$612,375
2031 Replacement 2050 ft. of 6" water main on Lincoln Ave $707,250
2031 Replacement 2700 ft. of 6" water main on Sunset Road $931,500
2031 Replacement 2500 ft. of 10" water main on Willow Road $931,500
TOTAL$63,266,950 $20,700,000.00