Join us for our 2018/2019 Webinar Series: Resilient Municipalities


WHAT TO EXPECT The series will explore challenges and solutions associated with Great Lakes and St. Lawrence municipalities building resilience in the face of climate change and other threats. Tackling topics and discussion points started at the 2018 Annual Meeting in Ajax, the webinars will include peer learning, best practices sharing, expert guidance and solutions from municipalities, consultants, and NGOs in this space. Key topics to be addressed include preparedness and response to severe flooding, community engagement for resiliency planning, green infrastructure implementation in resource-strapped communities, and financing and funding for resilient infrastructure. The webinars are open to member mayors and municipal staff with responsibilities in water management, planning, sustainability, environment, engineering, and policy.

UPCOMING WEBINARS Check out the first webinars in the series’ line-up and stay tuned for future announcements on more webinars.


September 26, 2018 @ 11:00 am central/noon eastern
Presented by GEI Consultants

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative members have to do more with less in an age of increased flooding, budget cuts, and pressure to attract jobs while reinvesting in open space and other assets for a vibrant quality of life. The first webinar in the Cities Initiative’s 2018-2019 series will be
Primed Places = Prime Places, presented by experts at GEI Consultants Ltd, to provide municipal leaders with a method for tackling these and other stresses by building community resilience through green infrastructure and similar approaches.

This webinar has already passed, watch the video recording.



October 24, 2018 @ 11:00 am central/noon eastern
Presented by the Great Lakes Commission and Credit Valley Conservation Authority

Local communities are generally at the forefront of stormwater management, challenges, and innovation, but municipalities’ capacity to develop green infrastructure (GI) is heavily influenced by federal, state, and provincial policy. This webinar will summarize federal, state, and provincial policies in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence basin that promote or hinder GI and provide recommendations to create enabling conditions for communities to implement GI.

This webinar has already passed, watch the video recording.



November 14, 2018 @ 11:00 am central/noon eastern
Presented by the Delta Institute

Experts at the Delta Institute, a nonprofit aimed at collaborating with communities to address environmental issues, will speak on green infrastructure related resources and tools that can be used in resource-strapped communities interested in taking steps on adaptation. Delta Institute will provide examples from their work in Gary, Hobart and Michigan City.

This webinar has already passed, watch the video recording.



Thursday, February 21 2019 @11:00 am central/noon eastern
In partnership with the Mayors Innovation Project

The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative and the Mayors Innovation Project are hosting a webinar to provide an overview of financing needs and existing/emerging options for water and stormwater infrastructure for municipalities. Over the last four decades, financing of water infrastructure has drastically changed so far as the source of the money: from primarily federal funding to primarily local and state funding. Especially in light of climate related meteorological changes, the investment gap between what is needed and what is available, continues to grow. To find out more and view the presenters, click register now.

This webinar has already passed, watch the video recording. See below for the panelist presentations.

  1. Sanjiv Sinha, VP – ECT and Director – P3GreatLakes.org
    Presentation: Financing Climate Resilient Water Infrastructure
  2. Eric Letsinger, CEO – Quantified Ventures
    Environmental Impact Bonds
  3. Cherian George, Managing Director – Fitch Ratings and Member – Forbes’ National Infrastructure Council
    Financing Infrastructure in the 21st Century


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