Ontario SignThe Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative’s Programs and Initiatives provide resources to cities, ranging from implementing green infrastructure to creating avenues for cities to weigh in on bi-national issues. Recent initiatives include:

  • Climate Change: Resources and trainings on climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies for cities
  • Green CiTTS – Green Cities Transforming Towards Sustainability: Provides support for Green Infrastructure through trainings, funding, and sharing best practices among cities. Includes the sub-initiatives of Sustainable Municipal Water Management, Stormwater Management, and the Water Conservation Framework.
  • Invasive Species – Asian Carp: Cities Initiative staff participate in the Chicago Area Waterway System (CAWS) Advisory Committee and advocate for a physical separation of the CAWS and the Great Lakes on behalf of the membership.
  • Microplastics: Information and resources on microplastics in the Great Lakes. Cities Initiative staff provided a sample resolution for member cities to pass in their own municipalities. The membership as a whole passed a resolution in support of banning microbeads, which amplified the state, provincial and federal voices advocating for action on this issue.