Green CiTTS

Green Cities Transforming Towards Sustainability (Green CiTTS)

The Green CiTTS (Cities Transforming Towards Sustainability) program showcases the actions of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence cities in moving the entire region towards a sustainable future and provides support to cities to go even further down the path towards sustainability.The Cities Initiative provides information and financial support for cities who would like to improve their green infrastructure projects.

The objectives of the Green CiTTS program are to:

  1. Protect Water Resources and Coastal Areas
  2. Promote Low-Carbon Energy Generation and Consumption
  3. Adopt Green Land Use and Building Design
  4. Encourage Green Economic Development

Through the Green CiTTS program, the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative provides support to member cities to switch to more sustainable practices in twenty areas across a broad set of municipal operations and responsibilities.

Current Priority Area: Municipal Climate Adaptation (MARS – Municipal Adaptation and Resiliency Service)

Previous Priority Areas: Sustainable Municipal Water ManagementStormwater Management, Water Conservation Framework