Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management is priority area under the Green CiTTS program (Green Cities Transforming Towards Sustainability).

The Cities of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence are leading the way in reducing the amount of stormwater entering water bodies and improving the quality of stormwater entering the lakes and rivers. The Green CiTTS program will help its members to promote their ongoing work, and to provide support to take further action.

Under the Stormwater Management Green CiTTS program, the Cities Initiative…

  • Is helping municipalities secure funding for pilot stormwater projects
  • Is providing webinars and training on select stormwater projects
  • Is working with partners who specialize in stormwater management
  • Is gathering information and best practices from member municipalities on their ongoing stormwater management initiatives
  • Is bestowing awards on members who demonstrate leadership in innovative stormwater solutions
  • Has created a Stormwater Advisory Group to advise the Cities Initiative on the development and implementation of the stormwater program.

2011 Stormwater Management Report – Stormwater Management in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Basin: Cities Charting the Way Forward (full report)

2011 Stormwater Report: Executive Summary