Lake Michigan Coastal Resilience Initiative

The Lake Michigan Coastal Resilience Initiative is a two-year, joint project between the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The initiative will provide training and technical assistance to municipalities around Lake Michigan to support the development of nature-based solutions to impacts being experienced in coastal areas, including erosion, flooding and severe storm events. The initiative is specifically focused on supporting the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI), including the habitat and species goals in the GLRI Action Plan III.

Goals and Outcomes

The initiative began with a series of training webinars to educate local officials on resources, tools, best practices, and engineering options for implementing nature-based solutions to disturbances in coastal areas. These will be followed by hands-on workshops for staff from cities along Lake Michigan to identify solutions to impacts along their shorelines. In the second phase of the initiative, a suite of high-priority projects will be selected for engineering and design support to position them for future implementation under the GLRI and other funding programs. For more information, visit the NOAA website or view the recording and presentation from the initiative’s kickoff webinar held July 20, 2021.

Next Steps

In preparation for in-person workshops in early 2022, participants are asked to fill out a project worksheet to gather details on potential, site-specific coastal resilience projects in their community. Experts will be available at the workshops to help identify technical options, funding sources and other needs for the projects outlined in the worksheets. Multiple project worksheets are encouraged, where applicable. Questions on the project worksheet are addressed in a FAQ document. For technical assistance with completing the worksheet, please contact Sue Hoegberg at


For more information or to request information on the upcoming workshops, contact Heather Stirratt with NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management at