Resilient Coastal Projects Initiative

In June 2021, the Cities Initiative launched a coastal resilience municipal support program with funding support from the Erb Family Foundation, the Fund for Lake Michigan, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. By December 2023, the Cities Initiative will have provided capacity-building and planning support to over 50 U.S. Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River communities through the Resilient Coastal Projects Initiative (RCPI).

The RCPI brings city leaders and regional resource managers together to identify priority projects aimed at protecting public property and assets from coastal hazards and building long-term ecological health. Partnering closely with technical and engineering experts, the Cities Initiative provides support to communities facing human resource, technical and financial constraints – planning for and advancing projects that protect coastal communities, provide a thriving natural environment for fish and wildlife, and create or restore benefits to the public.

Projects Supported by RCPI will

Protect Communities from Coastal Hazards

Protect or Restore Fish and Wildlife Habitat

Enhance or Create Public Benefits