Stimulus Water Restoration Initiative


The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative is calling on its members to urge their federal representatives to provide support for critical water restoration priorities in upcoming economic stimulus legislation. Our key message is that our federal governments must make every effort to accelerate the pace of recovery and that the investments we are calling for will put residents to work and generate economic activity while addressing urgent needs in our communities. Specifically, the Cities Initiative is seeking investments that:

  • Safeguard drinking water and modernize clean water infrastructure
  • Help communities respond to coastal erosion and impacts from extreme weather events

Staff has prepared background information and sample materials for mayors and other municipal leaders to use in this campaign. Our efforts will include communications from the Cities Initiative; individual communications from mayors; and meetings for mayors with their federal representatives to be coordinated by Cities Initiative staff.

How to Take Action
The Cities Initiative asks you and your council to take the following actions to build support for investments in water infrastructure and coastal resilience:

  • Complete the online survey of water infrastructure and coastal protection projects.
    Click Here for Survey
  • Send a letter to your federal representative.
  • Ask your city council to adopt a resolution.
  • Engage with fellow municipal leaders.
  • Meet with your federal representative to convey your needs.
  • Talk with the media. View media coverage.