A Self-Assessment to Address Climate Change Readiness in Your Community

The purpose of this self-assessment is to provide community leaders, administrators, planners, engineers, public work directors, and/or natural resource managers with a simple and inexpensive method to review their community's potential vulnerabilities to climate trends and to begin the conversation of how and when to incorporate these trends into planning and projects within our communities. Municipal staff will fill out simple, straightforward checklists to assess the status of the following nine categories of municipal infrastructure:

  1. Critical Infrastructure Flooding Resilience
  2. Critical Facilities Flooding Resilience
  3. Built Environment & Infrastructure
  4. Operations and Maintenance
  5. Water Resources
  6. Ecosystems & Habitats
  7. Tourism & Recreation
  8. Business Plans & Equipment
  9. Community Plans

The assessment provides an outcome of low, medium, or high preparedness for climate change impacts. This assessment was developed by the Minnesota Sea Grant program.