Webinars and Presentations

As a part of many of its programs, the Cities Initiative offers webinars and online presentations. Find an archive of these sessions here.

Annual Meeting & Conference 2017
Webinar: Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Budget in U.S. and Canada
Webinar: Public-Private Partnerships, Green Infrastructure, and Private Delivery/Financing
Annual Meeting & Conference 2016

Playlist: All 2016 Keynotes and Panels

Panel 1: Safe Drinking Water in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Basin

Special Presentation: Climate Change and Coral Reefs, Doon McColl, Churchill Fellow

Panel 2: Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Innovation

Panel 3: Lake Erie Algae Updates, Programs and Impacts on Municipalities

Panel 4: Municipal Green Urbanism and Sustainability Initiatives

Special Presentation: NASA-DEVELOP Program

Great Lakes Ecological Forecasting – Phragmites Habitat: Sean McCartney, NASA Develop National Program

Panel 5: Control Solutions for Phragmites

Integrated Water Management Webinar Series


Annual Meeting & Conference 2015


Nutrient Action Collaborative: Solutions to Protect Drinking Water

Oil Transportation in the Great Lakes Region

Shoreline Restoration and Economic Activity: Challenges and Opportunities

Cities Initiative in the Community: Pilot Projects

Cities Initiative in the Community: Student Project Presentations



Annual Meeting & Conference 2014
Annual Meeting & Conference 2013
Annual Meeting & Conference 2012
Annual Meeting & Conference 2011
Annual Meeting & Conference 2010

Frozen Pipes Teleconference: Thursday, May 27th, 2015

  • Kerri Marshall, City of Thunder Bay, and Paul Clements, City of Toronto, provided information about how their cities responded to the increase in calls about frozen water pipes during Winter 2015. A discussion among attendees followed.
  • Presentations begin at 5:22

Additional Frozen Pipes Resources:

Water Conservation Framework
Stormwater Management
Municipal Adaptation and Resiliency Service (MARS)