Jordan River Partnership

Mayors from the Cities Initiative and from the Jordan River Valley convened at the University of Illinois, Chicago's “Water After Borders” Conference. The mayors signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create a “Sister Waters” partnership between the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative and EcoPeace Middle East, which represents the mayors of the Jordan River Valley.

Mayors John Dickert, Denis Lapointe, and Mitch Twolan of the Cities Initiative spoke on a panel alongside Mayor Khelife Aldyyat of Dier Allah, Jordan; Mayor Hassan Jarmi of Zubeidat, Palestine; and Mr. Ran Molho, on behalf of Mayor Yossi Vardi, of the Israeli Jordan Valley Regional Council. The mayors had the opportunity to share their challenges and experiences as elected officials in areas where clean, sustainable water resources are of vital importance to the citizens they represent.

Despite differences in language, geography, and political situation, the mayors found common ground in their shared passion for advocating on behalf of their communities for sustainable, clean water.

Mayors at Conference

Left to Right: Mr. Ran Molho, Mayor Denis Lapointe, Mayor Mitch Twolan, Dr. Rachel Havrelock (organizer), Mayor Hassan Jarmi, Mayor John Dickert, Mayor Khelife Aldyyat


Memorandum of Understanding

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