Invasive Species and Biodiversity

Monarch Conservation in America’s Cities: A Solutions Guide for Municipal Leaders

National Wildlife Federation's Monarch Conservation in America's Cities: A Solutions Guide for Municipal Leaders is for mayors, local government chief executives, municipal staff and others that want to take action to help save the declining monarch butterfly in their community. This guide provides case studies and shares innovative best practices that can be replicated by municipalities across the nation. It includes model language for proclamations, ordinances and other best practices. By learning from one another and understanding what has worked (and what hasn’t) cities can more effectively and more quickly take action and make a difference for the monarch. If your municipality has a model monarch butterfly conservation program or initiative, please contact NWF at For local government executives interested in pledging their commitment to monarch butterfly conservation, check out and sign NWF's Mayors' Monarch Pledge.

Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative

The Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative provides information and resources about the terrestrial invasive species Phragmites australis. This grass is an invasive plant that has spread rapidly around the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Region and overtakes other plants. It has particularly affected wetlands in Ontario.